The Unclassifiable Library Remix

Friday, September 07, 2012


Well the library is down not only a reference assistant now, but we are also down a reference librarian position.  (Not to mention several in technical services, but the reference positions affect me more.) This means lots of extra time for me at the reference desk.  Today was a fairly quiet day.  Other than the usual looking up of items (call number locations, media on critical care, full text articles), I had the other usual queries for which there is little I can do.  Yes we do have study rooms.  No there are none available.  Check back when we get a new building.  They are almost always full and are first come first serve.  Also, I can tell you how to search the database, but I can't tell you if the results are relevant to your topic.  You have to determine that on your own, especially when the subject is business, about which I know less than nothing.

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