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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Randomosity with a side of Extra Reference

Today another reference librarian was out sick and two others had a lot of beginning of the year information literacy classes to pick up, so I had to cover some extra reference time.  Since I worked reference through my lunch break and only had a short time before and after being on reference to work on anything else, it was a less productive day than I had hoped.  Here are a few of the inner thoughts I had today while working the desk:
  • Students looking for materials for a quiz due at 2 pm - and one of the three discs is checked out. Sorry I can't help your lack of planning.
  • Copier and printer issues are so frustrating when you have little control over their operation. (Business Services on campus controls all copying/printing.)
  • Student looking for books and movies on Alexander the Great - sadly the rest of her class got here first. You can always tell when a class has a project when all the materials are suddenly gone.
  • Students asking how to search instead of asking me to search for them...librarian warm fuzzy.
  • Finally - substantive research - statistics and articles about the local syphilis epidemic.

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