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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Tao of Librarianship

Librarians are typically stereotyped as afraid of change, and change often comes slowly. In today's ever changing world, this model will quickly leave us antiquated and purposeless. We have to find ways of keeping ourselves meaningful to our patrons so that they will continue to see the relevance of libraries in helping them to navigate through the overwhelming wealth of information.

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There is a wealth of wisdom from the Taoist philosophy that could be applied in librarianship.
Laws Create Lawbreakers
Bend, Don’t Break
Realize When Enough is Enough
Be Like Water

Librarians need the ability to be in touch with reality and not be blind or naive. The job of a librarian does not have to be a struggle against obsolescence or a constant proving of  their value to stakeholders and administrators. Instead librarians can try to understand what is actually of value to our patrons and be leading the parade instead of fighting against it.