The Unclassifiable Library Remix

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Busy day today.  I finished yesterday with student mediation, sometimes because I am a campus safe zone students will drop by to discuss problems.  I don't do official counseling, but i do recommend to many that they seek it.  Mostly though I just provide a friendly ear and a place to vent.  

Today ordering signage for the library, working on SAGA minutes, and finishing book club event postings.  

Afterwards more - you guessed it - reference.  I detest our printing and copying system.  It is frustrating to no end.  Not only is it overly complicated, but often just doesn't work altogether.  We have no way to bypass the system, and another campus department controls the copying/printing system and all we can do is call them and hope the problems get fixed quickly. On an up note, a faculty member recommended a Rachel Maddow book to me, which brought a smile to my face.  And a student got lucky and we actually had her textbook.  We normally don't have textbooks for courses, as keeping up with new editions for all courses is the realm of the campus bookstore, with which we are often confused.  Sometimes though, a copy is donated to the library and the student lucks out.  I know textbooks are exorbitantly priced, and I feel bad for the students, but this is one need we can't fill in many cases.  I was left wondering though, why was the student getting her textbook only now, with mid-terms looming? 

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