The Unclassifiable Library Remix

Monday, September 24, 2012


Reference, reference, and more reference.  It's my night at the desk again, so after rushing through student time approval I made my way to desk duty.

The first person to approach was one of the maintenance guys working on the library's HVAC system, which is completely FUBAR, in my opinion.  They needed the key to get into Special Collections and work.  Since my specialty in library school was archives and special collections, this made me nervous.  I hate letting people in that room.  What if they touch things?  Mini-librarian stroke out.

Then I had the joy of helping a student access and print from microfilm, since full-text on JAMA was down.  I hate microfilm - the screen nauseates me.  Luckily, it was a short article.  Nothing much else happened, other than helping some students find documentaries.  The nerd in me loves this, as I watch this stuff for fun.  Our students sometimes act as if documentaries are a foreign world, so it's nice for me to see them get something other than films just for entertainment.  Not that the latter is wrong, but mixing it up is a good thing.

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