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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Coffee, student assistant contracts, time sheets for staff, monthly report for Access Services, refdesk, staff members out, and who knows what else - and that is just what was waiting when I walked in the door.  

But wow - finally some news on the budget that pertains to me.  The NC Legislature approved a 1.2% raise for EPA employees.  That means Exempt from the Personnel Act, which is where "non-teaching" faculty, such as myself, are classed.  (Though I dispute the designation non-teaching.)  That is about an extra $40 a month, our first raise in years.  If only the raise kept up with inflation it may have made a difference.  I much more appreciate the five days time off.  And I am grateful that they did something, but when it's been this long one tends to get a bit disgruntled.

Refdesk this am per usual.  I signed up for my fall instruction sessions, my least favorite part of the year.  I really am not a fan of instruction, especially freshman seminar.  I got out of teaching for a reason.  I also monitoring an EDN class turn in assignments for another librarian and helped a graduate student with business research.  My favorite question of the day was in literature research assistance - I always like looking this stuff up.

Other than that I spent the rest of the day finishing up the SACS accreditation reports that should have been done last week...enough said.

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