The Unclassifiable Library Remix

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Aaaarrrr! 'tis International speak Like a scurvy pirate Day. 

I be probably far more excited 'bout that than I be, but avast, thar I be still sick 'n I needed a grog-filled. 

Started th' day doin' me once a semester required installment 'o teachin' Freshman Seminar. I truly detest 'tis part 'o th' semester. I lust bein' a librarian, but hate classroom teachin'. I used to be a teacher, then I became a librarian. I always feel like freshman seminar be a reversion. At any rate, I don't feel it does much jolly. Information literacy be 'tis own one credit course, 'n be a required tavern session fer all courses requirin' research. Without such context, our how-to wit' th' opac 'n Academic Search be not relevant 'n before I sail out forgotten. I got extremely lucky though, wit' another librarian takin' over me second session 'o th' day in light 'o me continued bout wit' th' plague. Which only left me a short stint at th' refdesk, whar me only queries were fer some city directories we didn't have 'n showin' a patron how to request items via ILLiad when they be not held by our library.

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