The Unclassifiable Library Remix

Friday, September 14, 2012


Another day of random referencey thoughts.  Has been a monotonous week.  But it was busy today at the refdesk - had students researching the enlightenment, criminal justice, and theology.

And while I enjoy helping people, and it's part of my job, I don't see that as any reason that common courtesy should go out the window.  

Really nice student to hang up on me when I finished helping you rather than say thanks or bye or anything.

OMG - A student I helped came back from upstairs just to thank me for the help. Maybe manners do exist after all. Someone's mama did good.  It's so nice to be appreciated from time to time for what I do.

Not all students are annoying - some are funny.  Student was complaining about a 5 page paper she had due this semester.  Student - one 5 page paper for the semester is nothing! My Reunification of Germany class - 5 page paper due 3 times a week.  And that was an easy class.  

When not complaining about assignments, I get fine complaints.  Ummmm no I haven't reviewed your appeal yet.  You kind of have to submit the form first like we told you yesterday.  

And now a fun library fact from @omgfacts: Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.  Eww! Library headsets must be worse!  Ours are used by everybody and never get cleaned.

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