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Monday, September 10, 2012


Working second shift today.  I have to work an evening at the reference desk every two weeks.  To be honest, I prefer it.  Just seems easier to work when there aren't constant interruptions, which is pretty much what happens to me when I work during the day.

The only problem I have with night shift, is that my students must submit their time sheets online for approval every two weeks.  I have to have them approved on the Monday following the due date by 5 pm, which coincides with when I work my reference nights.  Which means, I have four hours to get all assistant time sheets approved.  This isn't a problem if they are all submitted and there are no errors, but those instances are rare.  Luckily, I didn't run into too many problems today.

Before my reference shift this evening, I also have a SPARC meeting.  SPARC is the Strategic Planning and Resource Council on campus, and I have been a part of the group since SPARC 1 (we are now on SPARC 2).  The committee seeks to guide planning according to the mission of the University, system-wide goals, our Chancellor's vision, and our available budget.  Because of the length of time it often takes to accomplish change in academia, this type of group is important in getting the ball rolling on change.  A lot of people may shake their heads and ask what good it does and what good will come of it, but I see this as one of those you are part of the solution or part of the problem type of things.  I would rather try to be part of the solution, for even if we fail to accomplish what we would like, at least we have worked on the attempt.

After the three hour SPARC meeting, I finally got to reference and was shushed by a student for helping someone too loudly.  It made me laugh since I was the one being shushed and not being the shusher.  I did try to be quieter after that, but it's hard when you are helping at the desk and students are studying right in front of you.  Especially when you are happy that you actually received a substantive request for a change.

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