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Thursday, August 09, 2012


Today was pretty standard. Met with other librarians to review student applications for their departments, since I coordinate all student worker hiring for the library. Had my usual reference desk stint.  I am usually on during the week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 12:30 pm.  I also have the occasional Friday shift, alternating Monday nights, and a weekend every few months or so.

The most interesting reference query I had was answering questions about e-book access.  While one would wish for seamless access to all e-books for patrons across vendors and e-readers,   However the reality is far different.  Our e-books come from three main vendors - NetLibrary, e-brary, and Books 24x7, in addition to government documents and other sources linked readily online through our online catalog.  Not to mention that licensing headaches and varying platforms for access - Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc. - make assisting patrons with e-books access far more complicated than it sounds.  Especially over the phone or by IM/email and especially when the patron is not uber-technologically literate.

Reference happy of the day: Just overheard from lady coming in to the library - "I love the smell of books." Librarian squee.

 I also spent a lot of time today fielding calls regarding library accounts and monies owed.  Now is the time of year when students that ignored their fees to the library all semester realize that they need to clear their accounts in order to register or to add/drop.  That means a slew of fine appeals, upset parents, adamant students, and transferring account calls to the circulation desk with whatever deal I've made with the student. 

In between that I worked on my article for the Journal of Access Services for which I am way behind.  Will now have to submit it for the next issue now.  I'm reviewing top mobile apps for librarians.  I have been behind all year, but am determined that this year I will never miss a deadline.  I just need a clone.  =)  In lieu of that, going to set aside some specific time for writing this year and I will meet those deadlines.  

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