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Monday, August 27, 2012


First day of first grade for my daughter today.  I should be at home enjoying the silence.  

Instead I am working second shift reference.  

I spent some time at the refdesk explaining that secondary vs. tertiary sources can be a really gray area depending on a number of factors.  They always look so confused when the answer isn't black and white.  

Sad when students can't use current electronic holdings because the professor requires a hard copy from print even though years out of date.

Had several queries from the same student regarding APA formatting and headers in Word - someone needs a trip to the Writing Center.

Later I magically fixed a jammed photocopier and got a warm fuzzy when the student I was helping thanked me.  It's nice when the are appreciative - it can make the whole day better.

Passed off some flyers to the anime club for another librarian.  Several librarians are faculty advisors to student organizations.  I advise UNCP SAGA, and might possibly be taking on a second student group if it is approved.

Wrapped up reference with the student needing the Europa World Book, Statistical Abstract, and US Fact book for an assignment - his eyes so wide at the size of the books. =)

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