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Friday, August 24, 2012


Getting excited for Banned Books Week.  One of my favorite weeks every year.  Trying to come up with a novel display idea.  I've used so many of the usual themes in years past and want to do something different this year.  Also trying to decide which book I want to read for the - Submit Your Virtual Read-Out Video - .  Las y.  Las year I had my   .     Last year I had my Second Life avatar read from Brave New World.  Have to come up with an idea for both by early September at the latest.

Notes from the refdesk:

  • Helped a student with a reference in a paper and he was citing Medal of Honor the game - sweet!
  • No I am not your default Power point help manual.
  • No I can't help you comprehend what you are reading. Yes I can point you to additional sources no matter how bigoted the topic.

Had an interesting query from another librarian on a discussion list.  She was trying to determine if other libraries have a listening station where patrons can listen to audiobooks?  Since our audiobooks are for adults, and most of our audiobook readers have their own listening devices, we don't really have stations for audiobooks per se.  We don't have any children's audiobooks. What we do have is video viewing stations, for viewing materials that cannot leave the library or to provide players for media to which patrons would otherwise not have access, like old VHS tapes.

In other news, the student worker saga continues, ILL was knocking down my door, there were some instruction surprises, mysterious moving DVDs, and fraternity pranks.  In other words, wrapping up the week on a busy note and then dashing off to the mountains for the weekend.  After today, I feel I've earned it.

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