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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My day was even more random than usual.

I went from answering book club questions, to a study room occupancy meeting, to hosting the library's Goodreads book club, to interviewing student assistants, and then dealing with questions about tutoring for ESL and study rooms and transgendered students using the bathroom.  

OK.  Maybe that is just as random as normal.

Our Goodreads book club is a very loose and informal club.  We meet monthly to discuss whatever we have been reading lately.  Kind of like show and tell for readers.  We are maintaining a list for the group on the Goodreads site ( .  It takes very little prep (only sending announcements) and very little maintenance.  Perfect for an already swamped librarian.

Now to set the rest of the dates for the live book club and get the Second Life book club planned for the year.

Awesome library fact: 

RT : The librarian Jean Armor Polly coined the phrase "surfing the Internet" in 1992

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