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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Such a busy morning - attended the now annual Chancellor's address, handled a number of faculty reserves issues, and worked on a number of student worker hiring tasks.  

Student hiring is an ongoing cycle for me.  I get phone calls and emails all year long inquiring about jobs.  I have canned emails for responding to the requests depending on the situation, as they generally fall into four categories - work study approved, work study ineligible, will review application, or positions filled.  Additionally, I must post all jobs in the campus Braves Opportunities system, run by the Career Center, which provides a central portal for students looking for on campus jobs.  I post the jobs available each semester and respond to each student applicant in the system, and also to the duplicate email that it sends me, as I am never sure which the student will check.  If we do hire a student, there is a contract to fill out, in addition to the usual government employment forms, and setting up the student for direct deposit.  Lastly, I must verify each student in the Department of Homeland Security's e-verify system.  I then have to obtain all the necessary signatures and deliver the papers to HR, which I usually have a student worker do so that I don't have to trust in campus mail and I know for a fact that it ended up in a human's hand.  I've been burned on that one before, so I go with better safe than sorry when dealing with HR matters.

I then had a quick break before I had to attend a work study meeting hosted by the Financial Aid Work Study Coordinator, meeting with the executive board of the student group to which I am faculty advisor (SAGA), and attended the University welcome back party at the Chancellor's home after work.

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