The Unclassifiable Library Remix

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Obscure ILL requests end up on my plate.  Any thing my staff think is out of the ordinary they route to me in ILLiad.  These may be rare items, items in a foreign language, or some other such problematic item.  Sometimes we get lucky and I can find it, and other times we must go back to the faculty member and try to obtain more information in order to track down the item.  Even then, we don't always succeed, but when we get to that point we know we've tried every trick in the arsenal. 

On a fun note I got my new 1TB external back up drive and gaming headset for video production today.  Yay!  Can finally back all my files up to one location and hopefully my next instruction video won't have such bad mic input.  

Today was also the student involvement fair for campus organizations.  I created a number of informational handouts for my student organization for the recruitment fair.  Our numbers have dwindled  due to academic attrition due to drop outs and transfers, and recruitment is our big goal for the year.

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