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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

OK, not really terrors.  Just a lot of movies.  Working my second night at the circulation desk for my vacationing staff person.  Working circulation reminds me how much I dislike movies with too many discs.  When you have a line, and someone is checking out 3 seasons of a TV show with 8 discs each, you just want to headdesk.  Mais, c'est la vie de la bibliotheque.  Our services are so varied, but it is the movie and laptop check outs that provide our mainstay of circulations.  Being in a small, rural area, we have the best movie selection around.

Other than jumping up and down for movie check outs - I've been working on retooling some of the paper forms used in the Library for electronic web forms.  My goal for this summer is to eliminate as much paper as I can from my office.  It just piles up and goes no where - but I'm determined to make my piles become scanned files that I can more easily organize.

Two such forms I've worked on this week with our systems librarian are incident reporting and the daily circulation checklist.  The former is used by anyone that needs to report any incident that happens in the library.  The form comes to the dean, the assistant deans, and myself. This is much more efficient than trying to keep up with a paper report, having to make multiple copies, hoping someone wrote the report, and also recorded it in the Excel log.

The latter is a checklist that is a shift report for the circulation desk.  The web form will eliminate feet of paper from my office, and enable me to follow up more easily as a supervisor. 

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