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Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy New FY

It's that time of year again when our state leaders fight over a new budget and we see whether or not we get that mythical raise I've heard ancient stories about.  In academia, July brings the beginning of the new fiscal year, and the gearing up for the academic semesters to come.  While our patron use diminishes some, we stay busy with three summer semesters, and we are also having to do all the preparations for things that need to be in place for the fall semester.  Software updates, handouts, signage, class preparation, and more all need to be done in summer - while of course working with a vacation shortened staff.

Being able to work in a quieter setting is nice, however.  My student assistants were able to complete an automated inventory of our general, folio, and juvenile collections.  Our shifting was completed.  We shifted all the movies again, as they were outgrowing their space.  And in the wake of Meebo's purchase and now impending closure by Google, I've switched our circulation chat service from Meebo to Trillian.

The little day to day things always keep me busy.  Today, it was the rush to come in at 1 pm to work the evening shift, and to hurry and complete time sheet approval for student assistants and staff by 5 pm.  Always fun.  : / Tonight, I'm covering the circulation desk for a staff person on vacation.  As one of the areas I supervise, it's good to get out to the front lines whenever I can.  Sadly, during the year I find that I can't get out to work the desk as often as I'd like - I'm just pulled in so many directions.  Access Services is one of the most generalist jobs in the library - jack of all trades but master of none, simply because we're unable to devote ourselves to just one aspect and perfect it.

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