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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just as I was learning FBML

Seems that every time I learn a new skill like FBML, a major change comes along making it obsolete. Facebook is especially guilty of constant mandated changes, and I'll be looking to see how this affects the Library's Facebook page. I wonder if the FBML I've already done will transfer over or have to be redone. I'm curious to experiment with the iFrames now. I hope this means designing in Dreamweaver first will be an option.
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No More "Standard" Tabs

Note: the new tabs will appear in the form of a list (there will be a maximum of 6 above the fold).

New Photo Strip

Profile Picture

The maximum size for the profile picture has been reduced from 200x600px to 180x540px.

User Interface Changes

Admin View of Wall (See Hidden Posts)

Post as Your Brand

Your Brand Can "Like" Other Pages

Fans Count Has Changed


Now displayed on Facebook Pages is your organization’s category (which can be adjusted). We recently changed ours from "Local Business" to "Internet/Software".

Development Changes

Facebook iframes Now on Tabs

From a web developer’s standpoint, this is the biggest and best change Facebook has rolled out. What does this mean? No more Facebook Markup Language (FBML)!
To use iframes, you need the most up-to-date layout. First and foremost: in order to use iframes, the page must be using the new Facebook Page layout.

Custom HTML and JavaScript

Facebook API for Facebook Pages

Saving User Sessions


With the changes scheduled to take full effect March 10, 2011, you should now be ready to take full advantage of the changes.
  1. Profile photo now has a max size of 180x540px.
  2. Display page category.
  3. Photo strip shows most recent tagged or posted photos. They are randomized. Watch out for inappropriate photos tagged with your Facebook Page. The dimensions of thumbnails are 96x67px.
  4. Admin view.
  5. Filter wall posts by your Facebook Page only or by everyone.
  6. Tabs are now on the left (under the profile photo) in the form of a list (maximum of 6 above the fold). Also, switch to Admin View to see hidden posts.
  7. If you’re an admin, you can view the people who have "Liked" your brand. We noticed it’s in order of most recent Likes. If you’re not an admin, you can no longer view those who have "Liked" the brand page.
  8. Your brand page can Like other pages. They’ll show up on your brand page.
Other changes not shown in the image above:
  • You can see a Newsfeed of updates from Liked Pages on your home page when using Facebook under your Facebook Page name.
  • Pages now support iframed tab applications.
  • Email notifications when users post or comment.

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