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Monday, February 21, 2011


As a long time user of delicious - both for sharing bookmarks and simply for organizing my bookmarks across browsers, platforms, and workstations - the possible loss of the software leaves me wondering which alternative I would turn to. I truly hope Yahoo decides to keep it up. However, if not, then like every other time I have become dependent on software or a piece of hardware and it is ripped away from me suddenly, I will move on to something for better or worse.
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 'Delicious' leaves a bad taste
It seems that the rumours are true and that the social bookmarking site Delicious is to close, or perhaps just change. Whilst generally being regarded as a good product (by users) Yahoo! do not find it a ‘strategic fit’ for them and are seeking a life outside the organisation – i.e. they are looking to sell it (
Last week on many social media platforms the conversations followed with outrage and ‘what now’? Social bookmarking has become popular for storing, tagging, sharing and mashing community collaborations. Many users commented that Delicious was one of their favourite tools – including me.
So what now? Where to go from here? Well Yahoo! have announced that they're maintaining Delicious for the time being so bookmarks will not disappear overnight. But what are the alternatives?
So with Delicious possibly on its way out, if Yahoo! does not find a buyer, then I will plan for moving on.

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