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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Things to Remember before Chucking Print for Ebooks

"We're not one-reader-fits-all."

Ownership vs. access - look for DRM free materials when you can.

"Sometimes you're buying spam."

Caveat emptor - review before buying

"Good luck grabbing our sales and freebies."

Follow author twitter feeds, facebook pages, and web announcements for your best chances.

"Our prices are under investigation."

Ebooks used to be cheaper than print to reflect the low overhead in production, but are now running about the same as a print book as publishers try to bolster confidence in content

"Better watch your data bill."

Enhanced e-books can especially have an impact on your data usage.

"Borrowing isn't as easy as we make it out to be."

Publishers have greatly limited the ability of libraries to lend ebooks with items not available, expiring after a certain number of uses, or not being able to download them to a tablet.

"We don't have much marketing clout..."

You often have to dig to find items that are older or not mainstream.

"...But our presence is still killing bookstores."

Bookstores fear they will go the way of record stores (I do remember those vaguely), but others boosting their draw with wifi, cafes, gaming, and more.

"The extras will cost you."

While some extras are good, others may not be worth the cost. Compare prices and content.

"E-books are the new latte."

Resist impulse buying. Check a library first. Explore your options.


Anonymous said...

I really like the 'E-Books are the new latte.'

As the whole world rushes head-long to squeeze all of human experience into 13 x 15 screens, a time-out is needed. We forget at our peril that humans are physical beings. Books are essential for stimulating all five senses, not just the sense of sight. Thank you for your blog!

Unclassifiable Librarian said...

Thank you so much. =) And I couldn't agree more - the touch of the page, the smell of an old book, hearing the pages turn - all mean so much to me, and are completely lost with e-books. I like e-books for quick reference, but when I want to really read - I need a physical book to really enjoy it.