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Monday, March 05, 2012

Pottermore as an Example of Successful E-book Agreements?

After discussing Pottermore and an apparent recent agreement with publishers regarding e-books in their forum, the author goes on to talk about e-books and the future of libraries in general. Is this really an example that applies though? Two private companies coming to an agreement? Libraries are unique in their agreements with publishers simply because they are not for-profit. They underscore the common welfare and are open to all. The premise of the title is simply misleading. While libraries can and will remain relevant in the rise of e-books (as the author correctly mentions a lot of books purchased come from people first discovering the author in a library) - I don't think that Pottermore is an example of how that relevancy can be translated to working with our library patrons. And this isn't just the bitterness of the Pottermore failing to deliver and disappointing me talking.

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