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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Copyright in a Nutshell

Though the University has an attorney, I as the librarian that oversees reserves and interlibrary loan, have become the default copyright guru on campus. When people have a copyright question, they often hit me up, and I also try to educate the community through presentations and such when possible. This article by Jennifer Howard goes over some really good basic facts that I too wish more people knew.

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What You Don't Know About Copyright, but Should

By Jennifer Howard

If you think you don't own any copyrights, think again.
Know your rights when you sign contracts with publishers or others to distribute your work
Fair use is complicated—but you can also call on the principle of "classroom use."
Don't be ruled by fear.
"A risk-oriented, compliance-oriented mind-set is one of the things that makes fair use smaller and helps us not innovate around copyright law in other ways," Ms. Sims says.
Ask for help. And make a difference.

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