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Friday, June 15, 2007

SRP 2007 - Third Book Review

All Together Dead
Charlaine Harris
323 pages

I was eagerly awaiting this next installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I love vampire stories and other stories of the supernatural, and the humor, action, and great characters of this series is just my type of good fiction. This story, in which the telepathic Sookie accompanies some of her vampire cronies to a vamp conference, was just as riveting as the previous books in the series.

However, just like Pirates of the Caribbean 2, I felt let down by the end - as if this installment just couldn't stand on it's own and has a big to be continued implied. I mean, I understand it's a series, and loose ends are necessary in order to keep the ball rolling. However, I felt this story just stopped, leaving me completely hanging. I'd like a little bit of resolution here please. Alas, the next book in the series will not be out until May 2008, so I'll be hanging until then to see where the drama will lead to next.

Books: 4
Pages: 757


Nate said...

Perhaps you can read horror classics until the book is on the bookstore shelf.

Nate from DC

Unclassifiable Librarian said...

Any recommendations?

Nate said...

A personal inspiration for my own horror writing is HP Lovecraft. A decent work by him is "The Dunwich Horror."

He has inspired several of my short stories.

Nate from DC