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Friday, April 27, 2012

Maybe I will like Stephen King after all...

I must say that this one looks interesting (Comic redacted - but it referenced 11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy - see edit note below).  Unshelved is one of my favorite comics, and every Friday they do a book review in comic form.  Not only do I love the art on this one, but the book premise sounds intriguing.  

This surprised me, as I have avoided Stephen King for years.  I am not a fan of gory horror films. due to some traumatic movie viewing as a child that scared the bejeezus out of me.  However, I do love psychological thrillers.  For some reason - maybe it was Cujo or Carrie, I'm not sure - but I always considered Stephen King to be more of the former than the latter.  However, in recent weeks after seeing some commentary such as in this comic and through conversation with my husband and other readers whose taste in reading I find interesting, I am beginning to slowly change my mind and think that I have been slighting King unnecessarily.  I really want to read this book after reading this review, and who knows? After reading one Stephen King book, I may find myself reading more and, like a child expanding their palate by trying new foods, finding that I do like his works after all and wondering why I waited so long to sample it.   

(Edit note 6/11/12 - Apparently though the comic has a share link button, the links are not allowed to be shared and I have to remove it from this post per request of the copyright holder.  I still love the comic - but am sad that I can't share the links to it.  I hope sharing on Facebook and Twitter are still allowed.  If you want to see the comic reference in this post it's the one from 4/27/12 in their comic archives.)

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