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Thursday, September 08, 2011

I Have No Mercy

"I returned two DVDs two weeks late. They had no educational value and no one missed them for as long as they were gone. I shouldn't be penalized because I already pay too much money to go to this school and don't have the money for bogus fees. I am usually very punctual with returning books because I know of their importance to other students. I can't pay this fee and I need to borrow a book for class. I need your help and mercy..." - Student

“Hmmmmm….maybe you’d get merciful if your attitude were better. Want to rethink that tone?” – Me as I stamp fine appeal denied all over the form.

Seriously, if you are asking someone for something and you are in the wrong, shouldn’t you at least make an effort to be positive and pleasant?

Well at least I got a laugh for the day.

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Unclassifiable Librarian said...

OK - here was my reply. I really wanted to say something else, but I said it in my head like a good librarian and wrote this instead.

"I received your appeal form regarding your library fines. Regardless of whether or not the material was for your entertainment or educational benefit, they were returned late and fines apply. We send out three reminder notifications before you are billed, in an effort to lessen the chances that anyone will have to pay anything. We also offer convenient online renewal, which if you had utilized would have eliminated the chance of the materials becoming late. However, since the fines were received due to their late return, they do apply and will not be waived. However, you owe $30 and our block level is $25. If you pay at least $6, your library borrowing privileges will be restored and you can pay the remaining amount at a later time. I hope that is a fair compromise."